2018 IFSC Youth World Championships

2018 IFSC Youth World Championships in Moscow, Russia - A Note from Protea Athlete Nicholas Meinel.

Competing at the youth world championships in Moscow in 2018 was my fourth and unfortunately my last international youth competition. Every trip I have had has been a growth opportunity for me. As part of the South African team I have had the extreme fortune to see a variety of different countries and be exposed to different cultures. Moscow was very special as it was my last opportunity to compete as a youth climber. I took this opportunity to interact with as many different climbers from different countries, exchanging ideas. Moscow was an extraordinary place to see and one I may never have been exposed to if I had not gone on this trip. I was exposed to different gyms that we trained in and witnessed many different styles of route setting and climbing that I can hopefully build into my own training and development. If anything, it highlighted to me how much more work I need to put in and how much I still need to improve. I am however extremely happy with how I performed at this year’s competition. I did the very best I could do and left nothing behind. I managed to remain smiling even when I didn’t achieve what I wanted to achieve.