2017 IFSC World Youth Championships

This spectacular international competition took place in Innsbruck, Austria from 30 August to 10 September 2017. Team South Africa comprised 22 athletes from around the country, 2 coaches, and 1 team manager.

wyc2017 m1wyc2017 m2The annual event is a wonderful opportunity for our YOUTH athletes from the Under 15 to JUNIOR age categories to compete on an international stage. It has a transformative impact on the youngsters, who return inspired, independent, and with a fire in their bellies to train harder, climb higher and faster, and to set new goals to reach the high levels of competition overseas.

Look out for details on the Upcoming Events page about the National Selection Trials event to select the new SA Team.

Not only are there opportunities for YOUTH climbers to compete internationally, but the OPEN category climbers are also eligible to compete in a number of World Cup Events as well as the IFSC World Championships.